What does the Tai Chi Forum have to offer?

Our Programme is divided into three thematic approaches:

The Health Approach

The Martial Arts Approach

Previously little-known Chinese martial arts of the “internal school:
Tongbei Quan, Liu He Ba Fa, Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan, Northern Shaolin Lan Shou and of course the more familiar Tai Chi Chuan

The Meditation Approach

Taoist meditation, meditative Qi Gong, breathing and floor exercises

The classification of the individual areas of training is by no means rigid. Many of the exercises from the Health and Meditation Approaches are also extremely effective as basic or supplementary exercises for the Martial Arts Approach. Alternatively, the martial arts can also be regarded as particularly attractive and at the same time effective forms of health exercise or, if practised meditatively, as a type of “meditation in motion”.