Five-Level Tai Chi Teacher Training Programme
  1. Foundation Level
  2. Intermediate Level 1
  3. Intermediate Level 2                              
  4. Advanced Level
  5. Master’s Level


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New Tai Chi Foundation Level Training Course – Group 14

July 12th 2009
meeting in St. Goarshausen
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September 5th/6th 2009 = trial weekend
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November 14th/15th 2009

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December 19th/20th 2009
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Course hours:

Sat.  10.00 – 13.00  and 14.30 – 17.30, Sun. 8.30 – 13.30


The new Tai Chi Forum Seminar and Training Centre in Germany, on the Rhine near the Loreley Rock. Bahnhofstrasse 39-41, 56346 St. Goarshausen

Course Fee: 260,- Euros per weekend
Instructors: Volker Jung and Vera Leibold
Please bring: loose clothing, thick socks and a foam mat or blanket


The German Tai Chi Forum, founded in 1992 by Volker Jung and Vera Leibold, offers 5 training courses for those wishing to pursue a career as a Tai Chi teacher


They begin with our Foundation Level course which takes about 11/2 years to complete and lays the foundation for a professional career.  Once this is completed, it makes sense to continue with further intermediate training courses, as it is impossible to convey the internal (energetic and mental) aspects of the highly complex moving art of Tai Chi in only a few years.  It is possible to learn the purely external sequences of the form in 2 or 3 years, but to realize the internal, energetic, static and mental principles within the form takes more than just a few years.  It is only these internal principles, however, which make the exercises and forms truly valuable – without them Tai Chi is little more than just physical exercises – with these energetic laws it becomes an unrivalled and valuable training system for maintaining physical and mental health which is second to none in the world.  The more principles you know and can combine whilst doing the exercises, the greater the value of the effects of these exercises.  It requires more than 10 years of serious study and daily personal training to master them all.

Our standard comprises 6 main levels of competence and 6 connecting Yin Yang principles which should be achieved in the 3-part form sequence.  In addition, there are over 100 mental connection points – mental concentration points and energy centres within the human body – of which one must remain aware whilst moving.  We do not only teach valuable exercises and sophisticated form movements, but we also use frequent, short demonstration lessons during the course to show you how best to convey these techniques and theories.  These demonstration lessons are immediately assessed by both fellow candidates and the instructors.  We assess the style of presentation, accuracy of execution, the explanations offered as well as the overall effect on other people.   Thanks to our 30 years+ of experience with more than 15 Chinese and Japanese masters, we have created our so-called standardised system of instruction, which attempts on the one hand to do justice to the ancient, traditional exercises and energetic laws and on the other hand, to respond to the particular learning needs of people from the west.

A hundred years ago there were neither video cameras nor tape recorders.  There were no colourfully printed meridian charts, anatomy posters or organ models and only very few monasteries can have had outsize mirrored walls.  But today we have all of these and so why shouldn’t we use them for teaching?  In my opinion, if the old masters had had access to these aids they would definitely have used them.

We attempt to present and convey Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Taoist meditation exercises and the theories behind these 3 great internal cornerstones of the energetic science of internal energetic Taoism as a holistic entity, as comprehensively as possible.  To achieve this, we created our standardised instruction system which provides the basis for all the Forum’s schools.   If you wish to be considered a serious Tai Chi teacher by the Forum, you are expected to commit yourself to continuing your studies until you know and understand a large number of the standard’s important exercises and are able to pass them on to your own students.

Our aim is that this standard should gradually become established all over Germany.  Obviously it will be a few years before we have built up an extensive network of Forum schools with highly qualified teachers in Germany, as it quite simply takes years to learn and master all the techniques.  At the present time there are more than 10 schools nationwide.  Today’s basic standard is being continually refined and developed thanks to our own new learning experiences gained while studying with numerous old masters.  We still visit many of our masters each year in order to learn new, advanced techniques or to have them correct our existing repertoire once more.  At the same time, our own extensive teaching experience and the feedback from our students and teachers also have an influence.

If they move to another town, students from all the Forum’s schools will have no problem continuing their studies where they left off at their previous school.  Nowadays, when you move it often means that you have to start again from scratch because many Tai Chi teachers teach completely different forms and use other preliminary exercises on their courses than the Forum does.  It is this unacceptable situation of students being faced with a bewildering multitude of forms and principles that we want to counter with our more uniform and widespread  “standardised instruction system”.

All the Forum’s activities are geared towards spreading this sophisticated teaching system.  We have broad experience of all the modern media, including 8 TV appearances, numerous large-scale, live demonstrations in sports halls and hotels, 3 World Tai Chi Days with free lessons and lots of live public demonstrations in several major German cities.  Volker Jung is a regular, monthly visiting lecturer at one-day management courses held at well-known academies (ADG Schloss Montabaur), in particular for senior banking executives, but also for hotel and software managers.  The theme of these workshops is “Overcoming stress with Tai Chi and Qi Gong”.  In addition, since 1997 he has had great success working with people in personal crisis situations in his capacity as a Tai Chi and Qi Gong therapist at a specialist psychiatric clinic.

Our teacher training courses have been running since 1996.  10 Foundation Level courses have already been successfully completed.  Group 11 takes its final exam in 2007, Group 12 will finish in early 2008 and the new Group 13 training course starts in 2007.



"In the long run, it’s quality that counts" - this is our motto.


Seminar with Grand Master Ye Xiao Long and George Xu in 1998


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