The German Tai Chi Forum’s new training concept



Thanks to our long experience of training courses for Tai Chi and the internal martial arts, we are pleased to present our clients with an entirely new, even more comprehensive training concept as from January 2007.


From 2007 onwards, all our training courses will begin with a basic training course covering 4 weekends within one year.


Over these 4 weekends we will provide a first, general overview of all the essentials which form the basis for the different training courses.  You will learn the things which are common to or very similar in all the different arts, regardless of which course you decide to take after completing this basic seminar course.  The basis for any further work is the regaining of health, the improvement of general health and its permanent preservation.  Only when you are able to sustain a high level of health over longer periods of time are you truly in a position to undertake the more complex, detailed, long-term study of things such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi or the other internal martial arts.


An equally interesting challenge is the long-term study of an art which you wish to develop or systematic, scientific research into higher, hitherto largely untapped areas of human potential.


                                               The four areas are:



Medical Healing Work

for acute and chronic health problems



prevention in the fields of health and well-being:  how to keep healthy in the long-term


Vitality and Lifecraft

How can I improve my day-to-day way of life?   How can I turn my everyday life into a joyful, healthy work of art?


Development of human potential

What are we capable of, given optimum guidance and maintenance of our human potential, considering that we humans are in a state of continual development.  Which of our specific hidden powers can we develop with the help of professional guidance?


When you begin a course of training, you are often unaware of the wealth of centuries’ old knowledge and skill which exists.  How can you make a decision about which training course to embark on when you don’t really know which end product you are actually buying?  Over these 4 weekends we will try to give you a broad insight into all four main areas, so that at the end of these 4 weekends, or after 40 hours of basic training, you will be able to decide which direction to embark upon.

In this way, you only decide on which path to take, when you have gained a real understanding of both your own, real interests as well as of today’s vast multitude of available training courses. 

How can you know which of the over 500 different styles of ancient China is the best for you personally?  Which style will best help me to learn what I really want to know?  Even today, people often still choose whatever happens to be on offer in their immediate neighbourhood.  They know neither what the market as a whole has to offer, nor do they have the expertise to help them distinguish between quality and less-than-serious claims.


Based on our own long years of experience in this field, we provide you with a concise synopsis of our own, 40 year quest for knowledge (more than 20 years of full-time teaching and over 10 years’ practical experience in training teachers) as a first, general overview and well-founded orientation guide.  This alone can save you years of aimless wandering and random, vain attempts: A real saving, both in terms of time and money.  Once you have completed this short seminar series you will know for certain all the different styles, natural laws, mental laws, energetic principles and techniques available and the applications of each technique within the different training courses to achieve the greatest possible development of one’s human potential.  Even if you then decide not to continue with one of our training courses, I can still guarantee that you will have gained an excellent basis of valuation for all other styles you may subsequently consider.


With the aid of this short, straightforward seminar series you will gain a uniquely comprehensive overview of many of the well-known systems currently available on the market, as well as of several systems which are virtually unknown in the world today.


We believe that with our seminar series we are filling a major gap in this area today.  Who knows which of the courses currently offered on the internet or in the press are of high quality and which are not?  Which styles can really satisfy the ambitions and true aspirations of the interested party?


Which of the multitude of styles and techniques suits me and my way of living and learning the best?


                    training market.  We always teach how exactly, the whys and the                         wherefores and show you the primary, medium-term and the ultimate                goals of our techniques and principles.  We are happy to answer in                    detail all constructive questions.  Our main concern is that anyone             taking up a high art should understand, right from the start, what he is                doing, why he should do it in a particular way and how one can tell             whether he is doing it correctly or not.  Unfortunately, this is by no               means a matter of course in today’s training sector.


                           Finally, we would like to draw your attention to the ideal learning                 environment at our new Forum headquarters.  Here in the midst of a                 World         Heritage site, only 2 km from the world-famous Loreley Rock in                St. Goarshausen, between Koblenz and Rüdesheim, we are in the              process of establishing our new Forum headquarters on a long-term            basis.  Ultimately, we will be able to offer 6 internal martial arts and

                  several of Asia’s healing arts all under one roof.  As yet, not all our             available spaces are in operation, but we are working flat out to get              them finished.  The rooms already in operation have large windows               offering fantastic views of the picturesque Rhine with the                                largest hilltop castle on the river, Burg Rheinfels, which we can

                  already see from our main classroom.  All the main classrooms will             eventually offer this wonderful view of the Rhine.  With our concept          of offering on one site, training courses in so many internal martial                  arts as well as some which were hitherto virtually unknown, we are              positioned at the top end of the training market. 

·       We are happy to welcome all of you, no matter which path you have followed up to now and in which direction, however uncertain, you intend to go in the future.  Why not drop by at Bahnhofstraße 39 – 41 in 56346 St. Goarshausen on Sunday March 11th  from 2 pm onwards for the preliminary talk on this innovative training concept for the basic seminar series which will form the basis of all the German Tai Chi Forum’s subsequent training courses.  We will use this day to present our concept in a little more detail and to show you our proposed training premises.  It will also give us, the instructors, a chance to get to know prospective students and for the students to get to know each other.  We will also discuss the date of the fourth training weekend in 2007, which has yet to be agreed, so please don’t forget your appointment diary and if possible, try to clarify as many of your own engagements for 2007  as possible in advance, then we can fix the dates for this 4th weekend.  We for our part, have only a few possible free dates left in our busy weekend schedule.                     


                        Contact and further information on 06771 / 802 556 or in urgent cases             0160 / 944 590 88 (mobile).