Tai Chi Holiday Courses





We usually have Tai Chi and Qi Gong holidays in the last week of Januay and the first week of February





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Tai Chi Holiday Course in southern Spain


Andalucia / Costa del Sol




Recharge your batteries with energy and sun

Fly with us to the Spanish Costa del Sol!



Since the beginning of 1999, special topics which are otherwise seldom publicly taught have formed an integral part of these one and two-week Spanish holiday courses and we want to continue with this.  We believe that in a holiday situation, when one is detached as far as possible from the strains of everyday life, it is far easier to assimilate, internalize and then practise these special topics.   Later you can  make real use of the newly learned principles when you return home and carry on practising by yourself.  4 hours of practice per day, not including your own, additional training – when do you ever get the chance for that at home?  And over a period of 10 days, too!  It is the equivalent of almost four complete weekends of further training courses for teachers’ in one fell swoop.  And there is the added bonus of being in the company of like-minded Tai Chi practitioners.  This all makes for a very successful learning environment and one in which you can broaden your previous knowledge.  This year we are again offering a subject matter which we have never previously taught in such depth, about the function and operating principles of the hip and pelvic region in relation to Tai Chi and Qi Gong.  We are sure that all participants will gain great profit for their own future practice from these principles, this knowledge and the many years of experience of both our course instructors.


We look forward to spending an enjoyable time together…


Vera Leibold and Volker Jung, course instructors and teacher training instructors of the German Tai Chi Forum.



                                                      Daily Routine


We like to use the energetically most balanced times of the day in the early morning and evening for our training sessions.


Tai Chi at sunrise and sunset


07.30 – 08.30              Inner breath Qi Gong

                                                Correction and development.  You profit from the latest                                      insights gained during last year’s courses


08.30 – 09.30              Tai Chi for beginners Form 1 or Form correction on the                                          basis of internal energetic principles (in two groups, if                                                 necessary lead by Vera Leibold and Volker Jung)


09.30 – open end                 communal breakfast

                                                the rest of the day is at your disposal until 3.30 pm


 3.30 pm – 4.30 pm                     A new, unknown Qi Gong set. Both groups together.


4.30 pm – 17.30 pm            New, internal, universally connective “Super-Principles”

                                                in the Form.


from 7.30pm                                    communal evening meal







Day Trips


Andalucia – a journey back in time


In between our Tai Chi courses you will have plenty of time for sightseeing trips to Spain’s classic attractions:


Granada            Spain’s most beautiful palace is the Alhambra in Granada.  In the                              Moorish alleyways you can explore the bazaars and savour the

                                    atmosphere of the Arabian Nights ….


Gibraltar            See the monkeys on the famous rock, look across to Africa …                            and do take advantage of the free trade area … (Don’t forget                         your passport!)


Ronda                Why not take a peek into the Ronda Gorge, and while you’re                           there, don’t miss the magnificent palace gardens


Seville                Marvel at the gigantic proportions of Seville’s cathedral or the

                                    Plaza de Espana


Our experience has shown that it is best to book these day trips after your arrival. 

It is impossible to know in advance whether all trips are actually possible out of season, and in addition, our students don’t want to miss out on any of the classes. It is preferable that we arrange these trips on site with all those concerned, so that we can schedule our free days for the times when most students wish to go on day trips.  We see this as the most democratic way.  We cannot offer more than one free day per week, however, as we also need to make allowance for the days of arrival and departure.  On these days, neither classes nor day trips are possible.


Your Holiday Includes:


·        a choice of 7 or 14 nights’ accommodation incl. half board in a Middle Class Hotel in Spain

·        Flight from/to Frankfurt and transfer to and from hotel

·        4 hours each of Tai Chi and Qi Gong instruction on 5 days each week



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